Samuel Property is a family-owned, Melbourne-based property developer, specialising in the high-end multi-residential sector. In less than a decade, the company has quickly emerged as one of Melbourne’s progressive new contributors to the contemporary residential landscape. Through diligent research and rigorous processes, Samuel Property interprets market trends and economic influences then applies this knowledge to develop ‘ahead of the market’ projects. An agile and dedicated team bring together impressive backgrounds in property, construction, engineering and design, as well as extensive experience in major projects across the fields of residential, retail, industrial and commercial property.

A people-centric philosophy informs their approach that gives purpose to aesthetics. Each new project is an individual and considered offering, created to provide meaningful experiences at every turn by anticipating the current and future needs of the resident while forging a deep connection with each unique neighbourhood.

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Architecture & Interiors

BayleyWard are synonymous with iconic and layered designs that balance real life function with striking exteriors , integrated with their environment. BayleyWard have a holistic approach to their designs, where exacting research and design development underpin thoughtful play of texture, materials and space. Led by Nick Readett-Bayley and Richard Newling Ward, their committed team of architects and interior designers provide solutions to meet the ever changing demands of urban life.

Landscape Architect

Acre is a landscape architecture practice with a focus on distinct environments tailored for individuals. Collaborative and inquisitive, Acre creates spaces that carefully combine monolithic, clean detailing with stylised wildness, placing equal emphasis on architecture and landscaping. Projects vary in scale and sentiment, each embodying a painterly approach that unifies thoughtful, enduring materials with an emotive and tactile flora palette. Acre environments are designed to evolve across time and seasons.